Elke Janssens

Managing Director

After her studies Communication Management, Elke Janssens started at LDV United as Account Manager in 2004 on brands like De Standaard, Sunweb.be, Kind & Gezin en Fostplus.

8 years and 1 Golden Effie for De Standaard later, she made her switch to Duval Guillaume as Business Unit Director, where she led the accounts of Carlsberg Group (Carlsberg, Seth & Riley’s Garage, Boilermaker by Tuborg), Essent.be, AXA and Febelfin. Elke made a stopover of 2,5 years at Happiness Brussels as Managing Director before she rejoined Duval Guillaume’s management in 2018.

Elke means ‘every’ in Dutch. And Elke beliefs that every brief, every client and every day offers opportunities to do groundbreaking work. And Elke will also do ‘every’-thing she can to help getting there. Because brands are this girl’s best friend – and so are Effies and Lions. 

As Managing Director she’s the shoulder to laugh, to cry and to lean on. She makes sure projects and clients are handled as smooth as the purest silk.

She’s very passionate about cultivating the strong DNA of creativity that works and building lasting relationships with like-minded partners.

Aka the fix it, mix it girl. Fixing wardrobes, fixing parties or skiing trips. Everything that needs to be fixed in a jiffy, she’s your woman. And oh yes, she loves her little mini-me, 5-year old Coco.



Managing Partner

Graduated in 2007, her career began as Account Executive at Air, partner of McCann. After that, she moved at Little Brain, an agency specialised in healthcare communication. In 2010, she joined Polygone as a Senior Account Executive and worked for Cointreau, Bulex and Febiac.

In 2011, she became Account Manager at McCann Brussels for several brands: Opel, L’Oréal Paris, Bulex, Honda and Vache Bleue. She decided to join Publicis Brussels in 2014, first as an Account Manager for Oasis, Fintro and Sanofi/Merial.

In 2016, in addition to being Account Director for the same accounts, she became Business Development Director which means she was also responsible for the new business activities.

In the summer of 2017, Jessica became the first official Publicis One internal transfer as she reinforced Duval Guillaume’s management team.

Jessica’s mother tongue is French and speaks Flemish and English fluently. She loves connections which create real actions . Always there to listen, help, challenge & empower people and bring out the magic within them. She likes to travel and meet her friends as much as she can.


koenraad lefever 

Creative Director

Koenraad Lefever graduated from Applied Arts in Brussels. Passionate about good advertising he started working in the ad business 16 years ago. After network agencies Y&R and McCann and independent agencies LDV and Mortierbrigade, he joined the creative forces of Duval Guillaume to put the agency back on the map. Koenraad worked for clients such as Carlsberg, Durex, Coca-Cola, Nike, Ray-Ban, Opel, Ford, De Standaard, Humo, Opvoedingslijn and USG People. His work was awarded for many years on major creative festivals such as CCB, Eurobest, Cannes Lions, NYF, Effie, Oneshow and D&AD. He did not win any significant prizes yet in golf, ice hockey or snowboarding.

Karel Vinck

Chief Integration & Digital Brands, Publicis One

Karel Vinck started his career at GV/Company in 1992. After 3 years at Y&R and 5 years at BBDO, Karel became Managing Partner at Duval Guillaume. For nine years, Karel has lifted the agency to a position that is both locally and internationally recognized. Karel has won many EFFIE awards with Duval Guillaume, for clients such as: KBC, Lays, Weight Watchers and AXA, which proves that creativity and effectiveness go hand in hand. Karel has a clear focus on clients within the Belgium market.

Since 2017, Karel is responsible for the Publicis One brands in Belgium, together with Eva Devos and Johan Parmentier.